JE International Corporation.



JE image processing tech with AI is spreading to the new face recognition tech. face recognition tech in security field
not only to its well-experienced AOI/AVI field such as IT device(a tablet ,a smart phone), Display (LCD, OLED etc) and Automotive field.
画像認識処理 Pattern Space Surface 画像認識処理 サンプル


  1. Flexible PCB(F-PCB)Field
    • FPC both sides RtoR AOI
    • Via Hole RtoR AOI
    • FPC Cover layer RtoR AOI
    • FPC Sheet Type AVI
  2. Display Field
    • FMM AOI
    • 2Metal COF RtoR AOI
    • FPC both sides RtoR AOI
  3. Automotive Field
    • Fuel Cell Materials AOI
    • FPC Sheet AOI
    • Lead-frame AOI
    • Car parts AOI
  4. Touch Screen Panel(T.S.P)Field
    • T.S.P. RtoR AOI
    • T.S.P. Sheet Type AOI
  5. Hard Disk Drive(H.D.D)Field
    • FPC both sides RtoR AOI
    • Parts AOI
  6. Smart IC AOI